Fun in the Sun

Ft. Lauderdale Beach - Fun in the sun with Heidi Leist, founder of Lemongrass Spa

Recently I had the opportunity to to Florida once again, but this time it was to with Heidi Leist, our company founder at Lemongrass Spa, and to spend time with some of the other wonderful ladies involved in the company. It is a truly wonderful experience working with a company that has a founder who is so open and personable, and takes a genuine interest in those around her. During out visit at Ft. Lauderdale Beach we were able to discuss the future of the company and the things that are still to come, while being able to spend time with each other. It was a learning experience unlike any other as this trip allowed us to meet with Heidi and learn directly from her instead of simply being shown something from a trainer.

Wonderful learning from the owner, Heidi Leist

Lemongrass Spa is definitely a one-of-a-kind company!

As wonderful as the experience was, it wouldn’t have been nearly as great without the other ladies who were present. There is something great about being involved in a company in which one can believe, and to know there are truly wonderful ladies involved who are passionate about the company and well-being of those around them.

Heidi, Marla, Kelli, Pamela, Shelley. Great times now and in the future!

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The Place to Be

Shirley and Martha visited us at “The Place to Be”.  A little cool on the beach that afternoon, but we enjoyed being together.  Martha, my beautiful, sweet niece loves the Lemongrass Spa products.  Hopefully, when she turns 18 in May, she will join The Dream Team, selling Lemongrass Spa’s fabulous, natural, affordable products.  Martha especially likes the mineral make-up.  It’s on special this month.  Please look at this month’s special and place an order.  Thank you in advance for doing so.

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New Friends in the Florida Sun

Our new friends we met along the ride.

We met some new friends from St. Louis, MO, while riding our bicycles in Naples, FL.  Anthony and I rode 70 miles on our bikes that day, and after being in the Florida sunshine most of the day my skin really needed to be drenched with Lemongrass’ whipped body butter.  Our dreamy concoction of 95% African Shea Butter with vitamin E oil felt heavenly on my skin.  Please check out the offer and place an order on my website or email me with your order.

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Put On A New Face

Let’s try the Sheer Minerals by Lemongrass Spa – fresh, pure & natural!  But first, gently exfoliate the face with Lemongrass Spa’s Pomegranate Facial Polish.  Contains organic jojoba beads to gently exfoliate and leave face healthy and glowing!  Use a few times a week to regenerate, repair and improve the elasticity of skin.

After using the polish, we were pampered with the Pomegranate Facial Mask which hydrates with shea butter & olive butter.  Pomegranate seed extract is a natural antioxidant! So at Julie’s party, we got a double dose of glow!!!

The girls looked beautiful without make up, but a few wanted to try the Sheer Minerals.  The Lemongrass Spa minerals are talc-free, chemical-free, dye-free, and provide a physical sunblock of 15-20 SPF.

Thank you Julie Colvin for an evening of pampering!  Thank you for a wonderful party with Lindsay, Leslie, Lisa, Donna, Elaine, Mikala, Julie and the little ones.  The girls are looking forward to peppermint & cucumber soaks at Leslie’s at the end of the month.

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Lost in Paradise

The sun making its descent into the Gulf.

The sun making its descent into the Gulf.

I could get used to living in 75 degree weather in winter. Sunny Florida really is paradise. Enjoyed a 50 mile ride with my husband Saturday. We saw a family of armadillo going across the road, a potato ranch, a semi-truck full of freshly picked oranges, and five alligators.

Fred Swimming at Myakka State Park

Four of the alligators were in the Myakka River. Anthony told me to go down to the edge of the river and he would take a picture of me with one of them that was coming close to the edge of the river. I decided not to do so. We enjoyed a refreshing cone of ice cream at the Myakka State Park Cafe after our bicycle ride. As we left the Cafe, we saw a 13 foot, 300 lb alligator, that the workers at the State Park have lovingly named Fred. I didn’t go close to him either.

Fred at Myakka State Park

After returning to The Place To Be, I rewarded myself with a natural Lemongrass Spa pomegranate mask. I agree with Patty S, one of my friends who purchased the pomegranate face mask, my face felt silky smooth and my skin was definitely brighter. If you would be interested in the facial mask or pomegranate facial polish, please check out my website.

The sun as it plunges into the horizon

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Fun Soak with Friends

Donna England had a fabulous spa party with her friends tonight. Soaking feet, trying lots of natural products, polishing toenails, good company, and, of course, lots of fun.


Thank you Donna, Juli C., Julie B. Lisa, Laura, Leslie, Makala, and Lindsay. The girls are looking forward to facials and make-up at Julie C’s in February.


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Getting started…

This is my first blog, reading or writing one. I believe it will be quite an adventure. It will be fun to find out who you are and what you do. So let’s get started.

I have lived in KY, the Bluegrass State, my entire life. Since I retired from teaching, I have found my home with Lemongrass Spa. The products are fabulous, natural

and very affordable. I look forward to sharing some of the products with you on my blog. However, this is not all I will be sharing. I also LOVE riding a road bicycle; and in 2011 I broke 6,000 miles for the first time.


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Go On, Be Pampered…

Lemongrass Spa products are fabulous! Experience the silky, smooth difference for yourself. Our products are made in the USA from all-natural products. So natural, in fact, you can eat them! See the difference our affordable skin and body care products can make in your life.

Go on…

Be pampered.

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